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Porn has various diversities and the porn industry itself has got no limits. The porn movies may be of any type a straight sexual encounter, lesbian sex, and threesome, gay sexual encounters and sexual encounters with shemale. There are so many types of sexual encounters that can populate a website and there are various websites that portray these types of encounters. If you are fan of shemale sex, switch to TS Playground and watch the excellent videos from this category.


The director of this website, Jay Sin is quite famous for his great creations with the shemales and definitely been in the lime light for all the Shemale porn lovers. There are different tgirls in this website and all these girls have been so extremely adept in their skills that they do not want to get out of their sexual pleasure. The videos are very lively and can give any porn lover a boner.

This website is quite new to the industry as the website was launched in 2012 and since then it has left a mark on the porn industry. TS Playground might have completed 4 years but it can still be said as a newbie to the industry because the porn industry itself is more than a 100 years old. TS has a very simple yet powerful layout and the navigation to the website is also very easy and smooth. This site updates very timely and there is an update ready for the viewers after every four days. The updates are on time and this has definitely helped the website grow its size in no time. There are about 120 scenes that come with a great clarity and are great to watch. These movies are actually from a long DVD title and DVDs are also quite easily searched.

Moreover, its not the DVDs that can be searched but the scenes alone can also be searched and enjoyed. These videos come in high definition and are super awesome. These movies can be streamed online as well as downloaded but while downloading these videos, you will be able to download in only two formats, WMV and MP4. But while watching these videos online you can choose any of the formats and there are iPod ready as well as smartphone ready formats available so that the members do not lose any bit of excitement. The videos are shot in high definition, hence the quality of these videos are just fabulous, and moreover the sound quality and the feel is just mind blowing.

If you switch over to the photos, you will find that TS Playground has got some really good photos but photos are not the forte of director Jay Sin. The photos are also quite a few with well over 111 photo sets available, and some of the photo sets contain more than 200 photos. The photos are quite large with a very good resolution @1920 X 1280p and they are crystal clear too. The photo sets that come with a good collection sometimes showcase hardcore stills while other portrays softcore sex stills.